San Diego State has a great uniform and logo package. In my opinion, it would be slightly improved by having white pants for road games, and adding an alternate red to be worn once or twice per season.

Dear Padres: Just do this. The fans who care about uniforms and the Padres visual identity will love it. The other fans who don't care about uniforms won't even notice. You'll sell a ton of merchandise. It's a win-win.

The 2017 uniforms are a travesty, not just because they are "characterless", but because they don't make any sense, design-wise. Removing the yellow, which connected the navy colorway to the brown, doesn't make any sense. Downgrading the road uniform to the "bowtie" wordmark that was abandoned six years ago doesn't make any sense. Designing a new primary wordmark (the arched PadreS logo) to match the arched road San Diego wordmark.... and then going back to the road bowtie logo so they don't match... REALLY doesn't make one bit of sense. And having 5 different piping patterns across 6 jerseys doesn't make any sense. These problems are not so much a matter of opinion, as they are violations of design principles and even common sense. Below is a gentle fix for most of these problems. 2016: Here are some tweaks that I thought would have made the whole 2016 look more cohesive, further integrating Brown and Navy.
1. The piping/trim across all uniforms is standardized (placket piping and double sleeve stripes). 2. This is possibly the most important change- adding a yellow (gold) drop shadow to the road gray. 3. Standardized contrasting squatchees. 4. No taco triangle on the brown hat. 5. Introducing another brown based jersey, in this case a home white, to bring the brown into a second design. 6. Allow navy and brown alts to be worn at home or on the road.
2016's Navy/White BP was interesting, wouldn't a classic Gwynn-era yellow BP jersey be great, on days when they wear the Brown alt or my proposed White/Brown? I won't even talk about what happened in 2017.

Everyone seems to loved the All Star Game BP/Home Run Derby Jerseys. I think it's TOO retro and TOO campy. It's possible to combine the brown and yellow without going the 70's route. Something like below. Just a thought...

2017: What if they had actually Brought Back The Brown? *Sigh*
1. "All Star" jersey design is replaced with a traditional home that matches the alternate. 2. Road jersey receives some brown and yellow and matching piping. 3. "Taco" hat is replaced with non-retro design with two-tone logo. 4. "Blueberry" camo jersey gets piping to match the rest of the set.

What if they had simply kept the YELLOW?
1. Home jersey wordmark matches alternate (as above). 2. Piping across all jerseys is standardized. 3. Road wordmark now has a yellow drop shadow. 4. Navy alternate is similar to previous, but reflects All Star Jersey design from 2016 with the addition of yellow. 5. No "Taco" hat when wearing Brown alternate- a clean modern brown hat. You could also easily introduce a brown version of both the home and road jerseys.

What if they had ditched the brown but kept NAVY AND YELLOW? This could be acceptable, as the yellow can continue to tie in the past designs. Again, wordmarks and piping are standardized acoss the board, and yellow is integrated into Road and Alternates.


I'm officially throwing in my hat with the "Bring Back the Brown" crowd. The below set incorporates most of the 2012-2015 logo set, but switches the colors to Brown and Gold. Orange is used sparingly as an accent color. I feel this gives this uniform set some originality and flair, while keeping it tasteful and commercially viable in the modern world, without actually being a throwback. The hat is also a modern interpretation, with no dated "taco triangle".


Three ideas for jersey sets for the ill-fated Escondido AAA team using the proposed name 'Friars'.
1. Based on the 1984 set, with the Escondido type treatment borrowed from the Padres 1990-2003 road jersey.
2. Based on the now-defunct Tucson Padres design.

3. Based on the Padres 2004-2010 design.

What would it have looked like if the Padres had ditched the 2004-2011 road jersey's odd "SanDiegO" wordmark for a script that matched the home jersey script? Or traded the new grays for a hip retro baby blue road uni? (that even complemented the sky blue in the 'home plate' logo? Or both?

Some "Fauxbacks":

Some ideas for Notre Dame Throwbacks/Shamrock Series